Caring for Your Indoor Succulents

I came across an article on "How to Stop Killing Your Indoor Succulents" and thought it was the perfect timing to pair with my Holiday Studio Sale. I have a collection of beautiful terrariums and air plants for sale and if you missed this past Sunday there's still a chance to join me on the 15th and the 22nd!

If you've bought an indoor succulent from me  you know that they are a beautiful, low-maintenance plant and a perfect gift for just about anyone - especially those who enjoy gardening and are missing getting their hands dirty during the winter months.

Succulents are at their best in hot, dry places but there are plenty of ways to keep them healthy throughout the year, no matter the temperature.

It is best to allow your plants to soak in as much light as possible. Don't stress about watering! These indoor plants need to drain completely before getting another drink. They like to stay dry for a while - winter is a dormant time for them. Since they are not "growing," they need very little water as most die from over watering.

Join me this Sunday to check out my collection and to start your own! See you soon :)