First Impressions: Designing Your Place Card Table

Whether you have a clean and classic theme at an elegant venue or a vintage style in a unique setting, the place card table should show this off. It is the first thing your guests see when entering and should represent the look and feel of your wedding.

When you've chosen the Bronx Zoo for your wedding, and give me inspiration like ... "Safari.. Vintage .. and make it look like a display at Anthropologie"... you got me at hello!!

Below is the place card table for Jackie and Andy's vintage safari themed wedding.

On the table is vintage luggage, lanterns, boxes, a vintage Bronx Zoo banner, tropical foliage, branches, etc. Each guest was given a beautiful brass compass as a thank you !

Below: Lanterns and the moon to light the way to the cocktail hour... held in the Madagascar exhibit !

Jackie & Andy  also used vintage photos of family, including wedding photos of their parents

Another bride had a more classic, elegant venue and wanted to reflect a similar theme. The huge granite table at the entry way was calling out for a grand statement...


The MOB (mother of the bride) loved the engraved stones! One side had the guests name...the other had an engraved message. The message represented their table "number."

Share with me your desired concept and I'll take it from there!