Local, Seasonal & "Green"

I have had my share of brides requesting their wedding flowers be sourced locally and I love that idea!!

I’m all for going green and sustaining the ecosystem along with supporting local flower farms– however, it’s important to know that when making this choice, you have to be flexible. Sure, tell me you want your flowers to be shades of cream and peach, but if all Mother Nature turns out within a 40 mile radius is purple and yellow, what then??

The choice to go green means that your wedding flowers are based on what is blooming the WEEK of YOUR wedding.

One week of hot weather followed by rain can dramatically effect what flowers are in bloom. Be ready for compromise! Local and seasonal can be beautiful as long as you are willing to possibly be surprised at what turns up! Believe me when I say, I've gone to great lengths to get brides what they want, but after many calls to my local flowers farms, there comes a time when staying local means compromising your color choices for sustainability.

Fresh herbs add a wonderful, seasonal touch!

On the other hand the flower business allows flowers to be transported from every corner of the world making many flowers available throughout the year. For example if you have your heart set on Tulips for a wedding in January or Peony for your wedding in July... I can probably get them for you.

Although ....many other flowers are only available for a VERY limited time, like lilacs or cherry blossom branches.


Flowers are grown seasonally, just not always in our back yard.I am perfectly willing to work with a bride to decorate her wedding with beautiful, seasonal flowers as long as she is willing to be flexible and perhaps a little surprised.

I’d love to hear about your seasonal, local and green weddings!