Something Borrowed: The lengths Lee will go for weddings

As a floral designer specializing in weddings, my goal is always to please the bride.  As a friend, I aim to help in anyway I can. So when a friend of mine asked me to help with a bride's bouquet, I did everything I could to make it happen.

This friend, who assists me from time to time and has had plenty of years in the business, was in a pinch and needed my help. She offered to assist with her own friend's daughter's bridal bouquet and after collecting 2 buckets full of flowers, there was still one important piece missing - an Apricot Dahlia. I agreed to help her out, but after many phone calls and trips to local vendors I thought the search was hopeless.

That was until the day before the wedding. While I was driving  around, I noticed a beautiful garden with lots of  Dahlias - including apricot colored ones! I went up to the door and knocked, hoping the owner wouldn't mind me taking the flower. No one was home, but I just could not let that flower go.

With no one around and the exact flower I needed sitting right in front of me, I made a risky choice in the name of making a bride and a friend happy so....


I got my handy dandy flower pruners out of my car & snipped a few blossoms off!! I've been known to do a little "essential pruning" now and then - everything needs some pruning now and then. I said to myself, "there were so many blossoms, they wouldn't miss a few" while hoping there were no cameras filming me.

End of story, my friend was very happy, extremely grateful and the bride cried tears of joy when she saw her beautiful bouquet.

Every time I drive past that garden, I smile and say a silent thank you :)

( Friend, bride & location of the garden will rename nameless.)