Things to think about before meeting your floral designer

When you meet with your floral designer, it's best to have an idea of what you'd like for your special day. Some key points to have an idea of would be your colors, style and your budget.

There are so many elements that play into planning a wedding and floral design is no less important. Share with me your style and colors I can take it from there. If you tell me white and yellow with a contemporary feel, that is a great start. If you don't have an extensive knowledge of flowers, or what is available seasonally, don't worry - that is why you hire a professional.... I can take it from there!

As the designer, I make my selection based on what is available and fits your budget.

If you're at a loss as to how to establish a budget for your flowers, consider your centerpieces - they will usually use up the largest portion of your overall cost. I often suggest using the cost for a guest to attend the wedding as an average the price of each centerpiece. Next add the cost of your personal flowers and any flowers needed for your ceremony.

Part of cost also lies in the complexity and assembly of the arrangements. An arrangement using one or two types of flowers might cost less than using ten different types of flowers, however the time it takes to arrange a more intricate design is a factor that adds to the cost as well. For example...

Above is a a hydrangea and peony centerpiece. Because the large blooms take up so much space, less stems are required to create a lush full arrangement. These are not inexpensive flowers, but they do require less time to arrange, which can translate into a savings for you.

This centerpiece has so many flowers both in variety and color, that the cost was significantly more. The arrangement features hydrangea, 4-5 different shades of roses, zinnia, protea, hanging amaranths, lissyanthus, spray roses, vines, queen anne's lace, chocolate cosmos, hypericum berries, dahlia and more.There are different flowers throughout and I would need to take a 360 degree photo to capture all of the different flowers used.

Most importantly, have faith in your floral designer! It is our job and passion to know and understand how to put together your favorite colors that accentuate your style and keep within your budget!