When Not to Do it Yourself

I've seen a lot of DIY projects on the wedding day.

Though many DIYs turn out beautifully there is one area that I strongly suggest leaving to the professionals and that is your floral arrangements.

The time and care that goes into the creation of  floral arrangements, bouquets and other personal details is usually underestimated by those not in the industry. I am no rocket scientist, however I do posses a certain skill set along with my hand picked team members and together we make the magic happen.

Flowers are received between a week to 24 hours in advance of an event depending on the amount of time they need to develop to the point when they are "party time perfect."  That time frame for a bride is some of the busiest hours of her life; between the rehearsal dinner, hotel arrangements and the wedding prep including manicure and hair styling, it's almost impossible to prepare your own floral arrangements when you have your special day ahead of you to worry about.

If you're a big fan of DIY, there is a time and place in preparation for your wedding day. My best advice is to plan ahead and get your DIYs out of the way so you have no last minute worries. If your DIY can be done more than one month in advance of your big day and packed away in a box, then do it!

One way to put your personal crafty stamp on your wedding day is on your place card table. I've seen this done with stones, keys and more. Below are a few shots of some successful DIYs from some of the weddings I've done.