Bluefield Farm - A Littlce Slice of Heaven

Bluefield Farm is truly a little slice of heaven! The owner/operator/farmer is Joy Macy. She grows flowers and sells them at the Nyack Farmers Market, along with providing flowers to local florists like myself.

I met Joy several years ago at the Farmers Market and she invited me to the farm to see her flower fields! My first reaction was "WOW !! OMG !! You have a slice of heaven here" There was an old stone farmhouse, a big red barn, chickens and even goats! A few times a year Joy permits events to take place at the farm, taking advantage of the barn and the property. I stopped by recently to take photos of preparation for a wedding that weekend - bet you didn't have a ferris wheel at your wedding (see the photos below)! It looked like it was going to be lots of FUN!

Thank you Joy for your love of flowers, farming and everything beautiful. Stop by the Nyack Farmers market this summer to see Joy and her lovely flowers.