Treasured Moments - EV Band

Since I have been booking EV Band, I’ve been in attendance at a few of the weddings. Seeing the whole day come together – all the planning, the details, and the excitement is palpable!!

I am not a night owl – I’ve always preferred early mornings to late nights. However while I’m at the wedding watching everyone celebrate, listening to the toasts and cheers to the newly married couple, I am filled with the energy and excitement shared by everyone in the room. Earlier this summer while at one of the EV Band weddings, I used my phone to video tape some of the action. The clients opted not to have a videographer and I wanted to be sure to capture the Second Line – a procession of musicians followed by the bride, groom & all of their guests. It took place at a beautiful location in Hudson NY.

The guests had dinner in a tent and then the procession took them to a wonderful new barn on site. Edwin (my husband / drummer) was so excited to lead the second line since he had never done this before and asked that I record it for him. I continued recording throughout the evening because everyone was enjoying themselves and dancing non-stop!!

A highlight of the night was when the bride made a special request to play Sweet Caroline – one of her favorites – and I caught her on tape singing and dancing! I was so thrilled to capture those moments for her!

I had my son (my in-house tech guy) edit the individual videos into one. I sent the video to her and she was incredibly grateful!

Witnessing joy and love never gets old. In fact I think it helps keep you young!
Don’t turn down an opportunity for a party. Even if you are surrounded by people you don’t know, you really can feel the love in the room and you can’t help but feel you are a part of it!

Alex’s response to the video:
Thank you so much for sending this my way! I think you have a calling as a wedding videographer! You’ve sent over some truly treasured memories, and I could not be more grateful!