Spring Suggestions

May arrived with rain that April forgot to provide.

I prefer sunny days to rainy ones, however I do understand the benefits of the rain for each of us and the plants that are essential to our existence. I remain eternally grateful for the rain - just not on the days I have weddings :).

As this spring unfolds and you start to spend more time outside, I’d like to make a few suggestions:

  • If you have a garden, consider not using herbicides like round up around your property. Please :).
  • Give birds a place to drink and take a little bath. I have several around my garden and I love watching the birds wait their turn to drink and splash around!
  • Plant something that you can eat or drink. A few years ago I planted mint on a slope in my garden. I love using it in floral arrangements, mojitos, mint water, in lemonade. At the end of the season I pick what is left, dry it and jar it up for tea. You can make the most delicious mint tea with fresh leaves too - it makes the most beautiful color green!
    ** note ** mint is invasive, so don't plant it unless you are okay with it being a ground cover! I personally like things that fill up the empty spaces on their own - mint sends out runners - shallow root systems that spread. Within a few years it was very well established in my garden (that is gardener speak for - it had taken over).

Happy Mothers Day to all the new moms, the old moms, the not so old moms, the moms who fill in when other moms can’t, and to those like me who only wish they could buy a gift for their moms who have left them way too soon. To the motherless daughters & sons - wish one of the other women in your life a happy mothers day and thank them for the love they give you.

Some of my Springtime favorite flowers that are coming up are:
Wegelia, Painted Ferns, Pink Dogwood, Bleeding Hearts, Lilly of the Valley

See below for my little rainy day garden tour!