Gratitude for Clean Water

Recently, there were two water main breaks in my town. The first one didn't affect me at all, the second one however required us to boil water for drinking, cooking and washing dishes for several days.

Most of us haven’t stopped to think about how much water we use - washing clothes, our hands, our dishes, cooking, bathing etc. - until you don't have running water.

The past few days I’ve been keenly aware of how much water I use and I am grateful for this awareness. I am grateful for living in a country, state, town and village that provides me with the privilege of clean running water almost every day of my life. I thank the probably 100+ year old water main that gave all it could for all the years it could until it collapsed.

This inconvenience only lasted a few days. Today, I think of all of the people in all of the places around the world that would be happy to boil water that poured out of a faucet in their home if that was all they needed to do in order to make it clean enough to drink.

I am blessed and if you are reading this on a first world form of technology, so are you. 

I hope you take a moment, be aware of your blessings and be grateful.

I am trying to conserve water, conserve energy and make less waste… I hope you are too.

Wishing you a safe & fun filled summer!