Cheers to 15 Years

2017 brings me to 15 years in my business. It is cliche to say that time has flown by - but it truly has!

I've learned and grown so much professionally and personally. My son was only 9 years old when I embarked on this new endeavor & this spring he will turn 25 ! My goal was to have more time with my family and that my work would be joyful, being a part of one of the most joy-filled days in the lives of people getting married.

Working with flowers seemed to be the right fit and although not everyday was joyful, the majority surely has been.  

I have laughed and cried with many of my clients, I’ve shared insight into marriage, career, motherhood, life, compromise, finances, love and loss. I am so grateful to each and every client who has entrusted me to be such an intimate part of one of the most memorable days in their lives.

I recently saw a groom who hugged me and thanked me for everything. I said, "what are you thanking me for?" He said" I don't think I ever thanked you enough for everything you did."

I replied, "Of course you did, but your wedding was almost 2 years ago. Why are you thinking of this now?" He said, "I realize now all of the things you did. I didn't realize it then."

Another experience I had while working with EV Band (my husbands band that I have managed for the past 2 years). About an hour or so into the reception, the bride hugs me and begins to cry and says, "Lee … you knew. You knew..."

"Knew what?" I said.

She explained, "I’m soooo happy. This is so much more than I thought It would be. You knew that this would be so wonderful. I only hoped it would be. I cant thank you enough!!"

In that moment I realized how much is put in the hands of the professionals clients hire for their wedding day. They have the hope that all will be as they have planned and dreamed about.

I did know that the band would be the perfect fit for her, but I didn't boast about it. I wonder now if I should have reassured her more while we had our meetings and conversations. I think it is just one of the experiences you must have - that your imagination is not the same as reality. 

Wedding days end but the memories remain.

Reading or dreaming about how warm the sun feels against your face or sand between your toes, or how it feels to be loved...

The experience and the memory is far greater.

To each and every client I thank you for the past 15 years and I look forward to being a part of new beginnings, new love and new memories.

Cheers !